Line Removal

lineremovalNeed a line removed from a road, car park or warehouse floor? K&K have the specialised tools and machinery to perform complete line removal. Whether it’s a large-scale road project or a small carpark redevelopment, we can help.

Line removal is a complex process which requires the right tools and experience. At K&K, our team have performed line removal in a range of settings. Our fully insured operators guarantee a result that you will be pleased with.

Line removal can be done in a range of ways, depending on the type of surface and your budget. These include:

  • Shot blasting
  • Sand blasting
  • Blackout paint (including added sealing)
  • Machine grinding
  • Water blasting

Our machinery is maintained to the highest standards and we prioritise safety on every job. With full insurance and a dedicated team, your line removal will be done with skill and speed.

Was a previous linemarking job done poorly? At K&K we often see linemarking that is already wearing down, doesn’t adhere to standards, or is uneven. We are pleased to assist in removing and remaking lines, giving you a fresh new result that will last into the future.

For fast and thorough line removal, call K&K Linemarking today on 0450 063 126 or 0404 714 169 or contact us online for a free quote.